“Before going to Aorta, I found it really hard to motivate myself to get into the gym. Now I can actually say I enjoy it. My trainer keep the sessions fresh, challenging and focused on what I want to achieve.”

Sinéad M

“Training with Aorta is great. The trainers are knowledgeable, fun, and will push you further than you knew you could go (while remaining safe of course!). As someone who’s always had a tough time sticking with the gym, I view my sessions as a crucial part of the week and look forward to the workouts.”

Warner L

“I already do spinning a few times a week but wanted that extra few sessions to help get me the results I’m after. Since starting, I’ve found my muscular endurance improve immensely. I really enjoy coming to this gym as it’s private and near to my home. My trainer is excellent and I look forward to carrying on with her into the future. I still have areas to work on, but with her help and encouragement, I’ll get there.”

Debi F

“I came across Aorta Fitness on my lunch break one day, and after my free trial I knew that it was definitely worth the investment in my health and fitness.

The facilities they have are great – using private training rooms means you get the full attention of the trainer and access to all the various equipment instantly so there is none of the distractions or time wasting of my past gym going. The individual shower rooms makes it easy to get a PT session in early and head straight to work.

My session is different every time – my trainer uses a mix of disciplines to keep it interesting and to constantly challenge me, with a special focus on proper technique. I really appreciate the encouragement and enthusiasm I get in each session, and I always leave more positive and motivated.”

With the overload of differing views on weight loss and fitness these days, it is great to have access to proper information and expertise in Aorta Fitness, and to see the results both physically and in a healthier, more balanced approach to fitness and diet.”

Ger L

“The trainers at Aorta are highly professional and competent. My workouts were challenging and they evolved as my fitness levels increased. It was important for me that the workouts weren’t repetitive and I was always kept guessing! Aorta has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and high end facilities and equipment. I can’t but recommend Aorta Fitness.”

Owen F

“If you are thinking about dipping your toe in the personal training world I highly recommend the trainers at Aorta Fitness!

I lack the self motivation to work out regularly on my own but by scheduling sessions with your trainer you are committing to a fitness program that is fitted to your body and your goals. At first I was hesitant to take the first step because I felt intimidated since I wasn’t in very good shape but the team at Aorta are open, warm and make you feel really comfortable. They have the right balance of supporting & encouraging you but also pushing you! As a result, I work out harder in a session in Aorta than I would ever on my own!

In particular, through my training with Aorta I have finally been able to increase the strength and stability of an injured knee that had troubled me for years and they gave me the confidence to start running and with their support I now run a couple times a week and have even completed a couple of 10km races.

Overall, the team have a real understanding of the body and have the right balance of knowledge and experience. If you follow their advice you will see changes in your body and mental well-being!”

Breda T